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How can the set-top box remote control be combined into one

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2018

How can the set-top box remote control be combined into one?

The set-top box "learning type" remote control can copy the main functions of the TV remote control (such as adjusting the volume, tuning, switching, video conversion, etc.) to its corresponding button, instead of the TV remote control, so that the two remote controllers Combined into one, it is convenient for users to use. This “learning” feature is available for most TV remotes, but a few older models of TV remotes may not be available. If the user can not complete the operation of this function according to the description of the set-top box manual, you can call 0755-61562423/61562408 customer service hotline to communicate with the customer service staff to consult the knowledge of the set-top box remote control.


How can I increase the boot speed?

The on-time of the digital TV set-top box averages about 20 seconds. The boot time is that the set-top box performs self-test on its own software and hardware devices, and also receives signals from the front-end server to update the set-top box boot screen, the audio broadcast background image, and other data information. The digital TV set-top box provides a "standby" function that can start the set-top box in a short time and quickly watch the TV program. However, using this feature requires the user not to turn off the set-top box, by pressing the remote control's "Power" button to achieve standby.

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