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TCL originally installed the remote control of various color TV models

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2017

Remote control instructions:

Keys function button name shall prevail, if the aircraft without this feature is related keys, when on the remote control function, must be on the receiving window of the television remote control, if there are obstacles between host and the remote control, remote control may fail, the same button on the remote control and host panel, its function is the same.

[turn from the iron blood community http://bbs.tiee.net/post_3954655_1.html/]

Battery installation:

Turn on the battery box on the back of the remote, and then press the polarity in the battery box to fit in the 2-7, 1.5-v battery, and finally cover the battery lid.


To ensure good performance of remote controls, such as abnormal operation, please replace the battery immediately.

Don't mix new, old batteries or different types of batteries.

When the battery is weak, the leakage solution will occur, which will damage the remote control and replace the battery as soon as possible.

[from the iron blood community http://www.tiee.net/]

If you don't use the remote for a long time, remove the battery and prevent the battery from leaking electrolyte.

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