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TV and digital TV set top box remote control docking method

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2016

Press and hold left on the lowest key of the remote control of the match, to the lamp always on release, then you can make the buttons on memory to a dedicated remote control the remote control. Methods: after the dedicated remote control lights stay lit, for example you are going to study the volume +, dedicated towards old remote control lamp in the old press volume + on the remote control, and then in the private press volume + on the remote control, then press the lamp always on the private key, the lights so that you imported into the. Learning and other functions in turn
1, found on the set-top box remote "TV function key" area within the "set" button, press and hold for 3 seconds, the remote indicator light is lit continuously, that is, in the study. 2, respectively, with both hands holding a TV remote control and a set-top box remote control, so that they transmit, distance is about 2~5 cm. Press TV on the remote control of the "standby" key, while the other set-top box remote is pressed on the "standby" button, at this time, on the set-top box remote control indicator light flashing after two or three (led flashes when in the process of learning), to remain lit. (These are) 3, press on the set-top box remote "TV function keys
"Region" setting "button, the led is off. The learning process is complete.

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