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Lenovo's Latest God! The N5902 Bluetooth Keyboard Remote Control

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

On October 14, Lenovo N5902 recently launched a multimedia remote control, this is a remote control after the upgrade, at the same time both bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth remote control function, appearance also grow very strange, you look at the picture first.


The N5902 is the size of the adult palm, and first it is a remote control that controls TV, computer, cell phone and other devices via bluetooth. Remote controls have OFF/ON key, which is different from normal TV remote control. At the same time, the remote controls have LED background lights, which can be manipulated in a dark environment. In addition, the remote control surface has a circular, touch-based navigation device that allows manipulation by finger touch.

In addition to the function of remote control, N5902 or a bluetooth keyboard, a 75 - bit key, in addition to conventional text input area, also increased the voice control required for the remote control buttons, convenient user for remote operation. Of course not all devices have bluetooth capabilities, and the remote is equipped with a USB port to solve the problem wirelessly. 

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