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Air Conditioner Remote Control The Working Principle

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

 Air Conditioner Remote Control The air conditioner remote control is a device for remote control of air conditioning, which is mainly composed of integrated circuit boards and buttons used to generate different messages.

  Air Conditioner Remote Control The remote control consists mainly of a microprocessor chip, a crystal oscillator, an amplifying transistor, an infrared light emitting diode, and a keyboard matrix that form a remote control signal.

  Appearance performance requirements include the following:

(1) the appearance of the remote control can not have scratches, fouling, cracking, burr, mildew, coating coating and loose structure and so on.

(2) the battery cover can not fall off, the battery spring can not rust.

(3) LCD screen can not have cracks, black spots.

(4) remote control surface pencil hardness of not less than 2H, there should be no obvious scratches.

(5) the remote control surface of the characters, signs and finishing parts should be clearly visible, the adhesion of 2 ~ 3 N cm 2 of the transparent tape pressure in the above-mentioned parts, hand plus a vertical force on the remote control surface, and then Quickly pull the tape, characters, signs and finishing parts can not fall off.

(6) remote control surface can withstand 60 ℃ warm water, 20 [%] of salt water, anhydrous ethanol, edible oil, the above items drop on the remote control surface, with a soft cloth dry, the remote control surface hardness and appearance should not Abnormal, characters, signs and finishing parts should be clearly visible

(7) the remote control of the button's load life of not less than 100 000 times, respectively, in the left, right, front and rear side of the application of 10N force after the release, the button should be completely reset, can not have card key phenomenon.

Electrical performance requirements refer to the electrical performance that meets the requirements of the function, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) static operating current ≤ 40 uA, remote control battery life ≥ 1 year.

(2) When the power supply voltage is 3V, accept the distance> 10m, the power supply voltage is 214V, accept the distance> 7m, the signal should be no exception.

(3)Air Conditioner Remote Control Infrared emission peak illumination: When the power supply voltage is 3V, the radiation intensity ≥ 40 uWcm 2, the power supply voltage is 2.4 V, the radiation intensity ≥ 20 uWcm 2.

(4) remote control of the directivity angle ≥ 20 °.

(5) If there is a clock display, the clock accuracy ≤ 5 s24 h

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