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If The Bluetooth Remote Control Is Not Paired With The TV, How Do?

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2017


   In such cases, first, make sure the remote control is a Bluetooth remote control rather than a radio remote control. If you have confirmed that the remote control is a Bluetooth remote control, then follow the following steps to view:


A, confirm the remote control and TV models corresponding.


B. If the Factory menu is on or the Advanced Store mode is turned on, the remote control needs to be closer to TV to complete the pairing.


C, If the same TV in the case, replace the same type of remote control can be paired, and the problem of the remote control can not be replaced after the replacement of the battery, you can determine the remote control hardware failure.


D. If the problematic remote control can be paired with another TV of the same type, you can try to power off the TV that can not be paired; restore the factory settings; still not resolved, determine the TV Bluetooth module hardware failure.

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