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Is There A Problem With The Voice Function Of The Bluetooth Remote Control?

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

Here, Hua Yun tell you how to solve these problems:


1, the Bluetooth remote control voice function does not take, if such a situation should be how to do?


A, to confirm the other buttons are normal, only the voice function can not be used;

B, the voice function of the remote control can not be used in some specific types of TV;

C, replace the same type of remote control, the voice is normal, then determine the remote control microphone hardware failure;

D, use the phone hot spots to try to exclude the router settings.


2, Bluetooth remote control voice recognition rate is low, and what is the reason?


Cause: For program reasons, the individual Bluetooth remote control in some models on the TV recognition rate is low.


Recommendation: replace the same type of remote control, if the recognition rate difference is large, then determine the problem of remote control microphone hardware failure.

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