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Learning The Set-top Box Remote Control Setting Method

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017


Hold down the "set" button, the set-top box remote control and keep 2 seconds, the LED light from dark to light into the learning state;

Click the set-top box remote control keys to learn, LED lights flashing, at this point in the learning receiving state;

Aim the set-top box remote control and the launch of the TV remote control head and in a straight line distance of about 3 to 10 cm, press the TV remote control button and keep 1 seconds let go;

Learning success after the set-top box remote control LED light fast continue long after three flashes on, can again to choose other keys to learning;

If you want to learn other keys, repeat steps 2 to 4 times;

Learn to complete according to "set" button to save and exit the set-top box remote control learning state, LED lights go out.

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