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STB Remote The Steps Of The Operation

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

  STB Remote Set-top box remote control is used to control the set-top box, and then control the TV's remote control. Panda set-top box remote control, for example, the remote control button consists of two parts before and after, the former part of the button is used to replace the TV remote control, and then part of the button is used to control the set-top box button. In other words, there is no part of the button before the latter part of the button can control the same set-top box, and then control the TV.

  STB Remote Remote control is a wireless transmitter device, through the modern digital coding technology, the key information encoding, through the infrared diode to emit light, light through the receiver's infrared receiver will receive the infrared signal into electrical signals into the processor Decoding, demodulation of the corresponding instructions to control the set-top boxes and other equipment to complete the required operational requirements.

  Set-top box remote control is used to control the set-top box, and then control the TV's remote control, with the network TV set-top box remote control can operate the same as the operation of high-definition Internet TV set-top box.

  STB Remote Network TV set-top box remote control methods, including video source format switching, system settings, my application and other common operations can enter a key, but also increased the number of video, web operations, including subtitles, loops, tracks, web pages Zoom in, open web pages, and so on

  STB Remote Take the power key on the TV remote control as an example

1. Operation set-top box remote control. Press the "set" button for about 3 seconds or so, the indicator light will be bright, press the "power" button, the light began to flash, ready to receive the TV remote control signal.

2. Operate the TV remote control. The infrared transmitter of the TV remote control is aimed at the transmitter of the set-top box remote control (the infrared transmitter is usually located at the front of the remote control, the shape is like a small bulb, but not bright), press the power button. At this point set-top box remote control prompt light will be bright again.

3. Operation set-top box remote control. Press the "Setup" button again to complete the function learning setting. The indicator light is off, indicating that the operation is complete.

Intuitive operation method can be seen below the video (video on the left for the set-top box remote control, the right is the TV remote control):

Special Note: Set-top box remote control on the "custom" button, mainly used to learn the TV remote control other keys, such as picture-in-picture button, display the proportion of adjustment keys, video keys and so on. This design is still very intimate. In addition, if the remote control in the above learning process error, just follow the steps above to re-set it.

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