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Universal Air Conditioner Remote Control Setup Steps

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2016

(A) manual steps:
1. from the "code" found in your air conditioner model that corresponds to the code for the remote control, and power the air conditioner;
2. continuous (continuous) press "Setup" button until the desired code appears on the window and Flash; Note: this model code is the code for your air conditioner.
3. press the confirm key, type code will stop blinking, set up so that you can remote control the remote control air conditioner of your choice. Find code → open air conditioning
Power → press "Setup" settings → model code in the "model" window flashes press the confirm key → confirm → model code stops flashing → set

(B) digital automatic search for use on:
1. power on the air conditioner;
2. the remote control directly at the air conditioner receiver, cycle press the "set" button until the air conditioner automatically turn on/off, press the "confirm" key note: this model code is your code for air conditioning.
3. set. Open remote control for air conditioner air conditioner power → → cycle press the "set" key to whether the air conditioner is auto turn on/off press the "confirm" button → Auto search code set. Setup steps

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