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What Is Air Mouse Remote Control?

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2017

What is Air mouse Remote Control?

Air squirrels can be separated from the desktop tied to the use of the mouse in the air, also known as air mouse, mouse, rat, mouse remote control, aerial mouse. As the air mouse built-in gyroscope, it can sense the direction and speed changes, so long as you wave the mouse in the air, you can accurately control the computer, smart TV, network set-top boxes, Andrews and other electronic products, cursor movement, the perfect alternative to traditional mouse , increase the use of fun! With it, you can control the computer, TV, Internet chat, voice calls, surf the Internet, play somatosensory games and so on. It is emerging in recent years, high-tech electronic products, but also a great partner for home computer products!

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