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Why The Market Share Of Infrared Remote Control Is Still Larger Than Bluetooth Remote Control?

Huayun Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 23, 2019

With advancement of intelligent industry, a lot more kinds of remote control can fit smart TELEVISION、set top box, not only infrared remote control. In current years, Bluetooth remote control evolves quickly and gets popular. But why the market share of Infrared remote control is still larger than Bluetooth remote control? Now remote control producer Huayun industry will inform you the reason.

Bluetooth remote control is a enhance to 2.4Ghz Technologies. By corresponding with the tools to accomplish the transmitting of totally signal by corresponding with tools and prevent the troubling of various signals, it provides a dual protection of signals transmitting. But until now, there are still many problems in Bluetooth remote control.

1st, Bluetooth remote control uses too much energy. It inhibits Bluetooth remote control from being used for long time,

2nd, various Bluetooth drivers are incompatible. The Bluetooth remote control drivers are not compatible with the program, which often happens after the TV system and TV box update.  At the moment, the user requires to try to adjust again. If corresponding is not successful, it might be that the new type is incompatible with the Bluetooth driver. Because of the update of smart TV and TV box system, it will be incompatible with the Bluetooth driver until the manufacturer upgrade the system.

3rd, Bluetooth remote control does not service multi-device control. Due to this, most people will select a self-learning remote control to control several devices, instead of Bluetooth remote control.

Forth, high price. The cost of Bluetooth remote control is high, electric goods are usually relative to the high quality and cost. With the same number of keys, a Bluetooth remote is double as expensive as an infrared one.

As a most ideal transmitting function in the household appliance industry for a long time, the benefits of infrared remote control is capable to stand the test. But at the same time, with the enhancement of people's quality of life and the development of intelligent technology, its defects have become progressively prominent. With the improvement of The Times, Bluetooth technologies will gradually grow, and with its unique advantages, it will become the mainstream transmitting mode in the future.

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