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TV Audio Remote Control With 45 Buttons for International Standard

TV Audio Remote Control With 45 Buttons for International Standard

It can be customized for all types of brand TV remote control, Audio player , set-top box remote control.


Environmental testing

1. High temperature storage test:

The remote control should be used for 2 hours after being used for 2 hours in an environment with a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. It should meet the requirements and have no abnormal work.

2. Constant humidity test:

The remote control should be fully normal after being used for 96 hours in a temperature of 40 degrees and a relative humidity of 93%.


Product Name

China custom TV audio remote controller with 45 buttons for international standard

Model Number


Max Keys






Reasons for the failure of the remote control and solutions:

1. If the remote control battery has power, please replace the battery in time.

2. Whether the remote control distance is too large, the general remote control remote control range is about 10 meters, and there is no obstacle between the remote control and the TV receiver.

3. If the direction of the remote control is on the TV receiver, the angle may be too large, which may result in the inability to receive the operation of the remote controller.

4. There may be sticking of the remote control panel. Do not disassemble it yourself. You can contact the TV brand related customer service.

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