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Custom Safety Digital Alarm Clock Remote Controller for Long Time Recording And Remote Control

Custom Safety Digital Alarm Clock Remote Controller for Long Time Recording And Remote Control

Alarm clock security digital remote control very very small hidden camera long time recording remote.



The Digital Alarm Clock Remote Controller adopts the 1-18-key ultra-thin design, which is stylish, beautiful and generous. It is suitable for all kinds of small household appliances, car DVD, audio and other electrical equipment. The product adopts imported nice ABS and PVC material buttons, which are durable and can reduce the number of buttons on the basis of the number of existing buttons. It is very convenient for your personality design. It uses button type CR2025 battery, the transmission distance is more than 12 meters, and it is packaged in transparent PE plastic bag. It is very suitable for your use.


Product Name

Custom safety digital alarm clock remote controller for long time recording and remote control

Model Number




Max Keys




Remote Distance



nice ABS+PVC



Max transmit angle




Encoding of Digital Alarm Clock Remote Controller

The pilot code consists of a 9ms carrier waveform and a 4. 5 millisecond turn-off time, which is used as a guide for the subsequently transmitted code, so that when the receiving system is composed of a microprocessor, the code can be processed more efficiently. Timing relationship with detection and other controls. The code uses pulse position modulation (PPM). The time interval between pulses is used to distinguish between gas "0" and "1". After each 8-bit code is transmitted, their inverses are also transmitted, reducing the system's bit error rate.

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