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Custom High Class Remote Control 4 In1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Custom High Class Remote Control 4 In1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is a slim remote control , It is feel comfortable and beautiful appearance suitable for Europe, America, Asia and other markets.



Custom high-end remote control 4-in-1 multi-function robot vacuum cleaner is ultra-thin remote control, suitable for Europe, America, Asia and other markets, comfortable and beautiful appearance. The infrared remote control adopts an environmentally friendly ABS material case and a silicone button, and has 11 buttons. It can be customized for various brands of DVD player remotes and set-top box remotes. Its screen and features can be customized according to customer requirements.


Product Name

Custom high class remote control 4 in1 multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner

Model Number


Max Keys







nice ABS + Silicone




It features a beautiful 2-inch color high-resolution screen that can be completely personalized to fit the specific product you want to control with exciting custom graphics. Your installer can tag each button with fun icons and configure your system so that you can launch the entertainment room at the touch of a button, set the lighting level or any combination of events you can dream of. It also includes all the hard buttons you are used to, giving you quick access to every feature.

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