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IPTV Satellite Receiver Remote Internet TV Set Top Box Remote Controller

IPTV Satellite Receiver Remote Internet TV Set Top Box Remote Controller

It can be customized for all types of brand TV remote control, set-top box remote control, dvd player remote control.



The Internet TV Set top box remote controller consists of 32 buttons, designed for smart TV, Android TV box, mini computer, HTPC, etc. With this product, you can easily control the smart TV Android TV box, mini computer and so on. Its compact, portable design is easy to carry and it is widely used in homes, schools, travel or any other work environment. It will bring you more convenience and fun.


Product Name

IPTV satellite receiver remotes Internet TV Set top box remote controller

Model Number


Max Keys







nice ABS + Silicone




1. Brand direct, ultra-high adaptability, power-off memory is not lost, support all brands of TV.

2. The button is durable and sensitive, Chinese label, easy to operate and long service life.

3. Independent battery compartment, equipped with double springs, easy to use, good conductivity.

4. Back battery compartment, you can start the remote control by installing the battery, which is convenient and quick.


Turn on the TV, find the corresponding button of the TV, press and hold the brand button until the indicator light flashes, and the volume icon will be set successfully. If there is no corresponding brand button, long press the setting button for about five seconds, the indicator light flashes and the volume icon appears.

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