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Multi Function Infrared Remote Control

Multi Function Infrared Remote Control

This is a new model remote control designed by our company in 2016 , It has good design, feel comfortable and beautiful appearance suitable for Europe, America, Asia and other markets.



The set top box remote control is a remote control for controlling the set top box to control the television set. Take the Panda set-top box remote control as an example. The remote control button consists of two parts, the front part of the button is used to replace the TV remote control, and the latter part of the button is used to control the set-top box. In other words, there is no previous part of the button, and the latter part of the button can also control the set-top box to control the TV.

The set-top box remote control is used to control the set-top box, and thus the remote control of the television. With the network TV set-top box remote control, the HD network set-top box can be operated like a TV. The use of the network TV set-top box remote control, including video source format switching, system settings, my application and other common operations can be accessed with one click, and also adds a lot of operations on video and web pages, including subtitles, loops, audio tracks, web pages. Zoom, open web pages, and more.


Product Name

Multi function remote controller / infrared remote control can be proofing






nice ABS + Silicone




1. It uses infrared technology, so you can control all the wonderful things without you.

2. It adopts the patch technology to make the remote controller have a longer service life and better contact.

3. It uses ABS raw materials, which are resistant to corrosion and high temperature. Good toughness.

4. Special plastic buttons, high elasticity, ergonomic design, comfortable feel and infinite pleasure.

5. The product line is smooth, the shape is excellent, and the value is explosive.

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