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Custom Learning Infrared Remote Control Sit DVD TV AV And CE ROHS ISO

Custom Learning Infrared Remote Control Sit DVD TV AV And CE ROHS ISO

This is a new classic model remote control , It has long somatosensory design, feel comfortable and beautiful appearance suitable for Europe, America, Asia and other markets.



Product Name

Learning Infrared Remote Control

Model Number


Max Keys








Maintenance method

1. Buy regular batteries, inferior batteries not only damage the life of the remote control, but also pose a danger to the human body.

2. Please replace the remote control battery in pairs. Do not mix old and new TVs or different types of batteries to prevent explosion.

3. Please keep the battery compartment dry. Excessive moisture will cause short circuit and component damage.

4. When using the remote control, avoid strong light and high temperature, otherwise it will affect the use of the remote control.

5. If you are not using it for a long time, please remove the battery to prevent electricity and battery leakage.

6. When the outer casing (outer surface) of the remote control is dirty, please do not use the organic cleaning agent such as water or gasoline to prevent the outer casing of the remote control from being corroded.

7. If you need to clean the inside of the remote control, please carefully disassemble the conductive rubber and the surface of the circuit board, clean it with a suitable amount of anhydrous alcohol, and use it with a hair dryer.

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