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RF Projector Remote Controller for Professional Custom Network Television LED Projector

The infrared remote control using environmentally friendly ABS material shell and silicone keys, total has 31 keys .



This powerful RF remote control for professional custom network television LED projector gives you a great user experience. It uses the latest technology and ergonomics to fit virtually any application and easily control every audio and video product you have. Its one-button design gives you complete control over everything that's enough to control the most powerful entertainment or theater room, and the versatility of control that is enough to make you fall in love with this remote.


Product Name

RF remote control

Model Number


Max Keys







nice ABS + Silicone



Environmental testing

1. Low temperature storage test:

Remote control at -25 degrees ambient temperature, after 2 hours of use, restore 2h, should be all normal.

2. Temperature change test

The remote control should be able to withstand the temperature cycling test shown below. After 6 cycles of testing, everything should be normal.

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