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The remote control produced by our company has passed UL, ISO9001 and ROHS certification, so it is very quality guaranteed. It has a comfortable, ergonomic design and is easy to separate, so you won't feel uncomfortable when using it. It is made of environmental materials to prevent radiation. It can do code base and code search. Its function can be designed according to customer requirements.

The remote control we produce uses an infrared remote control transmitting circuit to emit modulated infrared light waves using an infrared light emitting diode. The infrared receiving circuit is composed of an infrared receiving diode, a triode or a silicon photo cell. The receiving circuit converts the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitter into a corresponding electrical signal, and then sends them to set up the amplifier.

We are a professional remote and other remote control manufacturers and suppliers. We have years of experience about producing the remote control products. We insist on offering customized service and competitive price for you. We hope to be your great partner in China. We are a great factory about producing remote. Welcome to contact us.
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