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Bluray Universal DVD Video Player Remote Control

Bluray Universal DVD Video Player Remote Control

Replacement universal remote control for samsung smart tv packaging 1.Usually use PE and carton packaging,1pcs in one PE bag. 2.Or use plastic packaging. 3..According customer's asked packaging.



We offer dozens of types of universal remote controls, from standard long black to stylish, extremely high-tech touchscreen models that are self-programmable. Fortunately, the models that need to be programmed follow essentially the same steps. Before you start programming the Bluray universal dvd video player remote control, be aware of how many devices your particular remote can control. Then, consider the device you want to program, whether it's your TV, DVD, DVR, stereo, or other electronic and home theater equipment, then follow the steps to program the universal remote.


Product Name

Bluray universal dvd video player remote control

Model Number


Max Keys



black/white/custom code






nice ABS + Silicone




1. High-end remote control for most Blu-ray DVD players.

2. No programming or setup is required.

3. Silicone button, compact size makes the remote control easy to grasp and not easy to slide.

4. The transmission distance is farther and the performance is stable.

5. Completely replace your damage or old damage and cover all the features of the original remote.


universal dvd player remote control             bluray dvd remote

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